It’s Time for Your Spring Dental Cleaning!

March 12, 2018 by silvadds20170

Much like the New Year, spring is a time for starting over. If you didn’t schedule a dental cleaning with your dentist at the beginning of the year, now is the time to do so. During a dental cleaning (also known as a dental checkup), your dentist will go over reviewing and updating your medical history, followed by x-rays and examination of the teeth, and if needed, treatment planning. We recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning, which will provide a few oral health perks in the long run.

A teeth cleaning helps remove bacteria that cause plaque, but 24 to 48 hours after, it starts to develop again. Even when you’re practicing good dental care at home, plaque buildup is inevitable after six months of not seeing a dentist. The longer plaque stays in your teeth, the more it is likely to stay permanently. Once it reaches this stage, it is more difficult to remove and may require special tools and treatment. With a professional teeth cleaning twice a year, you are less likely to experience heavy plaque buildup on your healthy smile.

Visiting your dentist for a dental cleaning can also reveal early signs of medical issues that are much worse than plaque. Some of these medical issues include oral cancer and cardiovascular disease, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. It’s never too late to make a professional dental cleaning a priority.

If you practice healthy dental habits, you should only have to visit your dentist once to twice a year. Visit your dentist more frequently if you are not brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Visiting your dentist now will help you keep your healthy smile look its best while actively preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Call Dr. Bruce Silva and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning today.

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