The Truth About Wisdom Teeth Removal

October 9, 2015 by admin0

In the past couple of decades it has become a popular trend to have your wisdom teeth removed about the time you reach adulthood. With so much money spent on braces and other orthodontia, no one wants to risk the chance of their wisdom teeth crowding their beautiful, expensive grin. From a medical standpoint, however, many dentists see the removal of wisdom teeth as a necessity for your oral health. Appearances aside, symptoms of budding wisdom teeth can be very painful and can cause multiple oral health problems to compound.

The symptoms of your wisdom teeth coming in can include moderate to severe pain in the back of your mouth around your molars. This pain can increase over time and radiate to your jaw and neck. If the teeth coming in are misaligned, they can begin pressing on nerves and crowding your other teeth, causing additional discomfort. You may also experience swelling and tenderness around the site as the teeth emerge. As your gums begin to rupture from the force of teeth, it can allow bacteria into the tissue which can lead to infection.

Another risk involved is that the wisdom teeth may become impacted. Impaction occurs when the bone surrounding the teeth prevents them from emerging. As they become trapped in the tissue, their roots continue to grow and this can also cause infection, redness, swelling and pain. You may notice an odd taste to your favorite foods or suffer from bad breath. If these problems are not treated, they can cause cysts and even tumors in your mouth.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or if you feel it is in your best interest to have your wisdom teeth examined, call Dr. Silva. With digital x-rays and his expertise, we can help you make the right decision moving forward and keep close tabs on your oral health.


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