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September 28, 2015

It’s still very hot here in Texas and may be for another couple of months. Are you an athlete? Have your kids started back at their many sports and outdoor activities? What are they consuming to stay hydrated? Many Sports Drinks claim to promote physical performance. While they do have their advantages, such as aiding in endurance, sports drinks are not the best choice of hydration and can be harmful to your health, especially to your teeth. From promoting cavities to fatigue, here are some points to consider before you reach for that sports drink.

Dental Erosion and Cavities

The typical sports drinks have incredibly high levels of sugar and citric acid. Both of these culprits stimulate cavities and the erosion of your teeth. If you or your child choose a sports drink, rinse your mouth out with water after consuming it. This will aid in getting rid of the sugar and acid that cause decay. And don’t forget to brush twice a day.

Reduced Testosterone

For a drink designed to enrich your athletic performance, sports drinks can be counterproductive. The high sugar content can reduce testosterone production. This drop in testosterone could potentially impair your athletic ability.

Upset Stomach

We know carbohydrates can boost energy levels, but the high level of sugar in sports drinks can result in an upset stomach which can hinder your performance in the end.


Sports activities are tiring and so is ingesting too much sugar. Sugar causes an early increase in blood sugar levels followed by a powerful drop which can make you feel fatigued. Sugar does not provide sustainable energy, so carefully choose whole grain and protein laden snacks and drinks.

Weight Management

Due to their high sugar content, sports drinks can actually make you gain weight despite your athletic efforts. Most of the drinks contain none of the fiber which can help control your appetite. In addition liquids are less filling than solid food, so you won’t feel satisfied with just a sports drink though you’ve just consumed a product that is high in calories and sugar.

Dr. Silva and his staff care about your overall health, not just your teeth. Be good to your teeth and your body. Exercise is key to a healthier you, just make sure you make the right choices. Water is the best hydration tool and won’t make you tired, sick or give you cavities.


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