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March 25, 2016

“Green Dentistry,” or Eco-Dentistry, is the practice of oral health care and dental treatments utilizing technologies and procedures that promote environmental health. The benefits of being a green dentist client are numerous and seem to be growing.

This popular dentistry trend has reduced waste and pollution. Green dentists have switched to accessing administrative and marketing records online as opposed to using files. By switching from disposables to re-usables and ensuring that lights and all equipment are off at the end of the day, it has also saved money, energy, and water for their companies. 

While brushing your teeth, there are some ways you can go “green” as well. Here are five ways to protect the Earth, the environment, and each other:

  1. TURN THE WATER OFF. Conserve water by not leaving the sink on while brushing your teeth. The only time you should use it is when you rinse.
  2. BRUSH SOFTLY. Brushing your teeth with force can damage your gums as well as your toothbrush. If you brush gently, your toothbrush will last longer. This will save you money and reduce waste.
  3. BUY A COMPOSTABLE TOOTHBRUSH. 450 million toothbrushes end up in landfills every year. A compostable toothbrush is made up of 100% plant materials which will reduce the amount of plastic that will end up in the landfill if you make the switch.
  4. SWITCH TO A NATURAL TOOTHPASTE. Natural toothpaste breaks down easier, which makes it easier on our water ways. Also, You may find some artificial chemicals and additives in most regular toothpastes you won’t find in natural toothpastes.
  5. TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR TEETH YOURSELF. If you floss daily, you are not only preventing future dental work on your teeth, but you are also saving money and reducing the amount of chemicals dentists use while filling cavities.

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