Steer Clear of These Unhealthy Foods This Christmas

December 13, 2017 by silvadds20170

Although a happy and fun-filled time of year, the holiday season is notorious for tempting us with unhealthy treats. Not only do these holiday treats affect our bodies, they affect our teeth and our healthy smile too. While you celebrate with friends and family this December, remember to try and limit the following foods from your diet to retain good oral health and a great smile.

  1. Candy Canes: Since they take a long time to eat, they coat your entire mouth with sugar, which increases your chances of cavities.
  2. Caramel: Caramel also coats teeth, and worse, sticks to them, raising your risk of tooth decay.
  3. Sugary Baked Goods: Sugar is bad for you in general. Limit your sugar intake for your oral health and physical health.
  4. Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar so revert back to number three.
  5. White Wine: As red wine helps prevent tooth decay, white wine does not. It is high in acidic content that erodes enamel on your teeth.

Replace a bad food with a good food alternative such as cheese, vegetables, and nuts. The calcium found in cheeses is good for your teeth, while fiber is found in broccoli and carrots. Nuts help prevent gum disease with its fatty acids.

If you can’t fight the urge to eat something unhealthy, do so during mealtimes instead of snacking on them throughout the day. Brush and floss your teeth after to limit the damage of the foods you eat.

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