Sparkling Waters Can Damage your Healthy Smile

June 5, 2017 by admin0

If you drink flavored, sparkling water, you might want to cut back now. Plain water doesn’t do it for some of us but if you need lime or strawberry flavor in your drink, you’re risking some major damage to your teeth. Waters that are flavored contain citric acid, which essentially makes the water that you’re drinking an acid. Still safer than sodas, flavored waters have the same corrosive abilities as juice. It’s time to cut back on the flavors and consume plain water.

Acidic drinks are responsible for loss of tooth enamel, which thins out the gums where it meets the tooth. That leads to tooth sensitivity and possibly tooth loss. Be aware of the warning signs of tooth erosion! They include tooth sensitivity to cold or hot foods, yellowing of the teeth, and indentations or bleeding of the gums.

If you find it difficult to cut out flavored water from your diet, drink bottled water instead. Try to minimize the amount of flavored water you drink by switching between regular water and flavored water. You can also drink it as fast as possible to avoid contact with your teeth. The slower you drink it, the more you are maintaining the acidic acids in your mouth. Surprisingly, brushing your teeth right after a drink could accelerate the loss of tooth enamel so refrain from doing that. But you can drink your flavored water with a meal as food engages the flow of saliva and acids in your mouth, diluting the effects. Finally, use a straw to minimize acidic exposure to your teeth.

Skip the flavored waters and go with plain water as much as possible. If you have any questions regarding flavored drinks or how to prevent tooth erosion, feel free to ask us. Visit Dr. Bruce Silva today!

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