Protecting Your Teeth from the Horrors of Halloween

October 9, 2018 by silvadds20170

Halloween is an exciting time of the year. It’s the gateway to the holiday season, the weather is finally beginning to cool down, and of course, there is no lack of Halloween candy. Halloween is all about the candy, and no dentist is going to deny any child the right to be excited about the sugar bomb they’re about to receive on Halloween night. We do, however, have a few suggestions on how to protect the fragile teeth of everyone’s little ghouls and goblins from overindulgence and to avoid an expensive and unneeded emergency trip to the dentist after Halloween.

Which candy is the least harmful to teeth?

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, is the best candy for your teeth. It has the least amount of carbs and processed sugars in it, and will wash off your teeth easily, whereas sour candy should generally be avoided due to its high acid content, which strips away tooth enamel. Dentists also warn that sticky candies such as caramel and hard candies are equally as dangerous due to the long periods of time it takes to eat them. The bottom line is, if sugar is on your teeth, your tooth enamel is in danger, which could eventually lead to cavities.

How do I protect my and my child’s teeth this Halloween?

Fortunately, there are some easy solutions for protecting your teeth this Halloween. Brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing once a day as your dentist suggests is the best safeguard against poor dental health there is. When a glut of sugar is added to your diet, it is even more important. Dentists also suggest that candy should only be eaten after a meal, as the mouth is already producing saliva and will therefore be able to wash the sugar from your teeth naturally. Of course, accidents do happen, so if you do start to feel tooth pain this Halloween, go see your dentist, because the worst thing to do is ignore it.

Don’t overindulge in Halloween candy this year. Take proper care of your teeth this season and schedule a checkup with Dr. Bruce Silva today.


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