Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

April 15, 2016 by Editor0

Everyone wants that perfect smile! When you open your mouth, those pearly white teeth should be gleaming. However, not everyone is so lucky. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, soda drinker, or you just haven’t gone to the dentist in years, you might suffer from tooth stains and yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is a popular option for getting that healthy smile back.

There are different options though regarding tooth whitening and there are pros and cons to each. There are over-the-counter kits and professional whitening procedures. The first thing you want to do is consult with your dentist about the most effective way to brighten your smile.

Professional  Teeth Whitening

Pro: Done at the office, your dentist will apply a whitening product that contains hydrogen peroxide. Visiting the dentist is the most effective way to whiten your teeth. The procedure is relatively fast, taking only 60 to 90 minutes. Results are noticeably quicker this way, as well.

Con: A con to this procedure is tooth sensitivity. Teeth and gums may become irritated for a short amount of time. Another con is the price it costs to get the procedure. These sessions run anywhere from $500-$1200, more costly than over-the-counter products.

Over The Counter

Pro: Over-the-counter kits contain whitening gel with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Cheaper in price, they range from $20-$50 a kit to whiten your teeth depending on your teeth stains. You’ll save money, however, dental supervision while whitening your teeth at home is recommended.

Con: Results for do-it-yourself whitening kits are slower. They may take two weeks to two months before whitening becomes visible. Tooth and gum sensitivity will also occur if you go down this route.

Again, consult with your dentist first about any procedures and over-the-counter kits to see which is the right path for you. To learn more about teeth whitening, call (512) 605-0860 and make an appointment today with Dr. Bruce Silva.

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