Crowns Or Fillings?

May 19, 2015 by admin0

image of crowns and fillingsWhen your teeth are suffering from deterioration, both crowns and fillings are effective treatments to save your teeth. Choosing between the two depends on how severely the tooth is decayed or worn down.

First, you must start with a dental exam so that the doctor can determine what is best and make the right recommendation.

Fillings are usually used if there is only a small cavity or repair necessary. It is always a good idea to address the damaged area early while the problem is small and before it enlarges. This way you can restore the health of the tooth as well as those surrounding it. The procedure is simple: The decayed or damaged part of the tooth is removed and cleaned and then a composite filling is used to fill in the space. The materials most commonly used today are categorized as composite resins, porcelain ceramics and cast metals.

Crowns and onlays (a modified crown) may be a better choice when the decay is severe and has left the tooth structurally weak. There may be too little tooth left to help support and retain a filling leaving the tooth weak and vulnerable. You may also have a cracked tooth and a crown is a great way to  save the tooth without having to have it pulled.

Crowns are also utilized after a root canal to ensure that the tooth is strong. When a tooth needs a crown, the dentist will sometimes use a filling material to rebuild the core of the tooth and thereby increase the surface area over which the crown can be bonded to.

The right treatment is custom designed as it depends on the individual case. Just remember, if you are experiencing pain or cavity like symptoms, contact us right away!

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