Can You DIY a Whiter Smile?

July 23, 2016 by Editor0

The Internet is full of tips, tricks and “life hacks” to brighten your smile. Some of these are helpful and innovative and others can cause serious damage to your teeth. Let’s go over the most recent batch of do-it-yourself tricks to whiten your teeth.

Baking soda has been a longtime favorite to naturally freshen breath and whiten teeth. Baking soda and peroxide as a paste and left on the teeth for a short period of time can whiten your teeth but the newest form of baking soda and lemon juice left on the teeth for longer periods of time can be very damaging to your smile. The acids in lemon juice can break down your teeth’s enamel that can lead to damage, sensitivity and the risk for discoloration. This also goes for the “hack” that baking soda and coconut oil are an effective “toothpaste.” Baking soda is just abrasive and difficult on enamel and this recipe removes some of the key ingredients in toothpaste that make it effective and helpful in protecting your teeth, like fluoride. Baking soda and water as a paste on the teeth is simply applying an abrasive to a sensitive surface and is not encouraged as a solution to brighten your smile.

A surprising hack that works is in fact rubbing a banana peel on your teeth. The potassium in the peels of bananas can help brighten smiles but not significantly. If used correctly, however, it can provide a very subtle change in the brightness of your smile.

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and are looking for a solution that really works, call Dr. Silva, he can help you whiten your smile with a wide variety of professional tools and products to help you get the smile of your dreams.


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