3 Tips on Caring for Your Child’s Teeth After Easter

April 2, 2018 by silvadds20170

Halloween isn’t the only holiday where large amounts of candy are purchased and consumed. Along with Valentine’s Day, Easter is one of the biggest holidays where thousands of dollars are spent on candy of all kinds. Although adults eat their fair share, it’s mostly our children consuming all this candy. And instead of stopping them entirely from eating candy, we should learn how to minimize how much candy they’re eating or their next visit to the dentist will find a lot of unhappy surprises for you both. If your kids are like most and will end up eating a lot of candy from that big basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny, here are a few tips to properly protect your child’s teeth and avoid cavities and other dental problems that can ruin your child’s great smile.

Make Sure They Brush

Help your child understand the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. At a young age, a child may not want to brush their teeth, especially at night. This is a necessity if your children are eating large amounts of candy and sugary treats like cake and dessert. Make sure they brush as much, if not more, than they usually do around holidays. Also, to avoid harming tooth enamel, make sure they wait at least 30 minutes after they eat before brushing their teeth.

Drink Water with Candy

Encourage your kids to drink water as they eat their share of sweets. Water helps flush away food particles and decreases the exposure of decay-causing acids to work. Water is also a healthy alternative to other sugary drinks that they could have and helps your child get fuller faster.

Avoid Sticky and Hard Candies

Two of the worst types of candies are hard candies and sticky candies, so refrain from purchasing these types at the store. Hard candies sit in the mouth longer which helps the sugar of the candy begin the process of decay. The best candy to buy for your child is chocolate. It washes down easier and even has additional health benefits from eating it.

Apply these tips to all times you may be purchasing large amounts of candy, such as on Halloween and St. Valentine’s Day. If you or your children are due for a dental check up, call Dr. Bruce Silva today and schedule an appointment.

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